Rusty What? Performance Surfboard

The What? is your new favorite high performance shortboard. This board will perform best in waves that are a little bigger and have more power than average days in Southern California. Best conditions would be about shoulder high to overhead with punchier/steeper sections.

What is a What?? The What? is Rusty’s version of your standard high-performance shortboard. It will perform best in shoulder high to well overhead in better conditions with waves that have more power behind them. The What? has a somewhat narrow nose that travels into a mildly curvy mid-section and then to a slight, elongated bump just after the rear of the front fins in the tail.

The overall rocker is fairly aggressive to allow for maximum performance and top to bottom surfing. The bottom is where this board starts testing the waters. It starts off in the tip flat and rapidly deepens into a single concave, this gives the board a lot of speed. At the mid-section, it reduces in depth and then develops into a shallow, slightly hooked, double con, then a slight vee off the tail to allow for rail-to-rail transitions.

The What? is what you’re reaching for when you want maximum performance out of a board whether you're doing turns, airs, or hunting tubes.

*The What? is also available in Extra Volume upon request.

*Logo positioning might be differrent from the image.

The best shortboard for high performance surfing

Wave Size

  • Small
  • Head
  • Double


  • Mushy
  • Steep
  • Barrels


  • Cruisy
  • Power
  • Vertical


  • Beginner
  • Confident
  • Progressive

Foot Position

  • Front
  • Middle
  • Back


  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Hard

Nose Shape

  • Pointy
  • Blended
  • Round

Tail Width

  • Slim
  • Medium
  • Large

Entry Rocker

  • Relaxed
  • Moderate
  • Aggressive

Exit Rocker

  • Relaxed
  • Moderate
  • Aggressive

Deep single concave up front

A deep single concave with the deepest part in the entry, approximately 1/4 to 1/3 back from the tip of the nose, starts to shallow out through the center of the board and turns into a “hooked” double concave as it approaches the rear foot, coming into the front fins. The deepest part of this double con is under the rear of the front fin. The deep concave in the front creates lift. It feeds water back through the midsection and into “the zone” between the feet, generating a great deal of speed and drive.

Hooked Double Concave

A single concave helps to direct water flow, but it doesn’t really focus it. A double creates a lateral break and helps to initiate turns. It helps to focus the water through the fins. By deepening the concave and focusing it close to the rail, deepest under the front fins, it gives extra hold and provides additional thrust and drive.

The bottom finishes with a slight vee off the last few inches of the board. That helps to finish turns, smooth and connected.

Shaper's notes

What is a What? What if the deepest part of the concave was ahead of center? The What? is a very high performance shortboard. The template of the What? has a somewhat narrow nose that travels into a mildly curvy mid-section. The tail width at one foot is in the low 14s. A slight, elongated, bump just aft the rear of the front fins that flows into a slightly rounded squash tail.

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Stock dimensions and volume

Length Width Thickness Volume
5'7" 18.13" 2.22" 24.7L
5'8" 18.25" 2.25" 25.6L
5'8" Extra 18.63" 2.30" 27.5L
5'9" 18.37" 2.28" 26.5L
5'9" Extra 18.75" 2.33" 28.50L
5'10" 18.50" 2.32" 27.50L
5'10" Extra 18.87" 2.36" 29.50L
5'11" 18.63" 2.35" 28.50L
5'11" Extra 19.00" 2.39" 30.50L
6'0" 18.75" 2.40" 29.50L
6'0" Extra 19.13" 2.42" 31.50L
6'1" 18.87" 2.43" 30.50L
6'1" Extra 19.25" 2.45" 32.60L
6'2" 19.00" 2.45" 31.50L
6'2" Extra 19.37" 2.48" 33.70L
6'3" 19.13" 2.48" 32.50L
6'3" Extra 19.50" 2.52" 34.90L
6'4" 19.25" 2.51" 33.50L
6'4" Extra 19.63" 2.57" 36.20L
6'5" 19.37" 2.54" 34.60L
6'6" 19.50" 2.57" 35.80L
6'7" 19.63" 2.60" 37.00L
6'8" 19.75" 2.64" 38.40L